Rickenbacker 370 Maple glo

Rickenbacker 370 Maple glo


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Rickenbacker 370 Maple Glo 2009.

Condizioni pari al nuovo. MINT!

370 is a model from the 300 series if electric guitars in Rickenbacker catalog. This model is practically the same as the highly acclaimed 360, with the only major difference being the pickups count. 360 comes with a standard set of two single-coils, while the 370 has an additional middle-positioned single-coil pickup. These pickups feature Rickenbacker`s standard controls unit and stereo output. Bridge section behind the pickups is made up of two vintage-styled components, the bridge and R-shaped tailpiece. Body of this 370 six-stringer is hollow and made of maple. It features carved top, double-cut design and a plastic pickguard on top. Neck is set in and made of maple. It features the standard 24-fret fingerboard made of rosewood on it`s top.



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