Mesa Boogie Fillmore 50 combo 1×12″ – 50/25 watt – Surf Green


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Disponibilità: Esaurito


The MESA/Boogie® Fillmore™ 50™ is designed for players seeking a straight-forward amplifier capable of delivering everything from pristine cleans to warm, vintage gain tones with the ability to dial subtle increments of saturation for the precise amount of gain desired while retaining character and rich harmonic content. It offers players a wide, soft clip to saturated range – MESA’s most expressive gain ever. Super responsive, organic and nuanced, guitarists feel at home plugged into the Fillmore 50 whether playing a Rock, Pop, Blues, Country, Reggae or Jazz gig. It’s equally appealing to those seeking a great pedal platform.

The Fillmore 50 comes loaded with a pair of 6L6 Power Tubes plus five 12AX7 Preamp Tubes and features a 50/25-Watt global power switch. A streamlined front panel showcases 2 fully independent & identical foot-switchable channels. Both feature CLEAN, DRIVE & HI Modes, with Independent GAIN, TREBLE, MID, BASS, PRESENCE, REVERB & MASTER Controls.

CLEAN – While the Fillmore’s preamp architecture leans toward the more throaty voice and easier to clip “Tweed” circuits of the 1950s, the lower half of the CLEAN mode behaves more like a 1960s “Blackface” type of circuit. Here you’ll find pristine cleans with ample sparkle and chime. The upper end of CLEAN can be driven to clip and its crystalline sparkle gives way smoothly to a perfect top end that doesn’t sound buzzy or thin when clipped & saturated.

DRIVE – This mode picks up a little before where CLEAN tops out and approaches “high-gain”. Unlike the rounder, warmer voice of HI, the DRIVE mode’s “unedited” top end is reminiscent of a clean channel, allowing for a less compressed feel and harmonics to come through. Expressive & dynamically unhindered, DRIVE is perfect for open overdriven tones.

HI – The highest gain of the Fillmore 50s three modes, it features a wide range of saturation from subtle expressive clip to burning overdrive – creating ample sustain, harmonics, and compression for most high-gain work save for perhaps extreme modern metal sounds. This mode pays homage to the best of the late 70s/early 80s Crunch Rhythm & Lead Sounds, riding a line between MESA/Boogie & Brit amp tones popular in that era. HI is tailored with its top end somewhat rounded off and the harmonics shaped to produce a better single note response with a voice-like character.

A fully buffered, Series Tube FX Loop and All-Tube, Long-Tank, Spring Reverb with independent channel controls round out the Fillmore 50’s feature set. An external Reverb Switching Jack provides for remote switching of Reverb with an optional reverb footswitch & cable (sold separately) or external controller.

Experience vintage-inspired Magic and ignite a new level of passion in your playing!

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